Enjoying art is drinking your morning coffee from a hand thrown mug.


Hannah's Pottery is owned and operated by Hannah and 
Don Johnson

To arrange a purchase or ask any questions Contact us at:  hannah@hannahspottery.com 

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Click here to see a larger picture of the mugs.

Now here's a mug to put your hands around while you plan  your next raise discussion with the boss.
Holds a generous 14-16 oz.

$16.00 each

Lamps of different shapes and sizes are available. Small lamps $50.00
Medium Lamps  $85.00
Large Lamps (not pictured)  $165.00

This versatile platter will be great to take to that next party to hold veggies and a tangy dip on the side. This platter can be used as a dish for serving almost anything.
Approximately 14 inches in diameter.


A new use for one of my hand thrown bowls,
a bed for Gabrielle.

A set has four canisters, ranging in size from about 12 inches to 7 inches. One to hold flour, one to hold sugar and two to hold whatever your heart desires. They can even hold cookies, or chocolate kisses for that midnight snack attack.

The set of four costs $145.00

Clcik here to see a larger picture of the oval bowl.

Now here is a serving bowl that you won't want to put away in the cupboard.
Oval Serving bowl -- with pressed in lace pattern


We make several different styles.  Most are special order or you can call to see what we have on hand.

Teapots - $45.00 to $75.00

Clcik here to see a larger picture of the creamer and sugar.

Creamer and Sugar


Click here to see a larger picture.

This leaf vase can be used as a decorative piece or some like to put in a votive candle.
Approximately 5-8 inches tall with a cut out and carved leaf design.


Click here to see a larger picture of these cats.

These regal guys are already house broke and only need a little attention from time to time.

The standing fellow is about 12 in. tall. $45.00
The lounging guy is about 15 x 15 inches. $48.00

smallbowls3.jpg (3045 bytes)

flat soup bowl, cereal bowl
and dessert bowl.

$12.00 each

Square Platter


Copy of smalldouble bowl.jpg (3349 bytes)

Double Bowl
great for peanuts, candy or to serve dips or condiments


small birdbath.jpg (7026 bytes)

Bird Bath

$45.00 without stand

$48.00 with stand

small collander.jpg (2943 bytes)

Colander $28.00

Toby Priceless

small lg platter.jpg (3931 bytes)

Large Oval Platter


Pie Plate
9 1/2 inches diameter
bakes a beautifully browned crust


small pinapple platter.jpg (4011 bytes)

Pineapple Platter


There are two sizes to these bird houses.  
Short chalet type and a tall straight one.

Small - $30.00
Tall - $35.00

One place setting includes large dinner plate, small breakfast plate, cereal bowl and mug. Napkin ring extra. ($6.00)

One place setting - $75.00

Large Leaf Vase
approx. 10 to 12 inches tall
with cut out leaves around the top


Green man, garden wall plaque.
approx. 12 inches diameter with maple leaves around the sculpted face


Triangular Vase




Prices vary based on
size and shape. 

Call for pricing.

Long Oval Tray






Many other items available.

Call for pricing and availability.

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