After 26 years of working with clay, we have developed an appreciation and an understanding of the material and it's potential. The functional and decorative pieces we produce are made on the potters wheel or hand-built from rolled slabs of clay. We design and create each piece with great care. Our personal touch is reflected in all aspects of the creative process, from forming the piece, to it's leaf decoration, glazing and firing the kiln.

The leaf design is a recreation of natures own beauty. A real leaf is pressed into the wet clay, then carved and/or cut out, leaving an impression of the leaf. We take great pride in our work and sign each piece individually. Our exclusive leaf design creates a unique signature for our pieces as well. All of our stoneware pottery is fired to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it very durable and giving it subtle variations in each piece.

Our pottery is not only beautiful, but is suitable for oven and microwave cooking. It contains no lead and is safe for all foods. It will also go into the dishwasher.

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